Nine lives left

Animation feature film, in development


As summer comes to an end on the small Greek island, young cat Chantal is back in the stray life after a luxurious couple of months fostered by a family on vacations. Unfortunately, the touristic village where she was born has turned into a ghost-town ahead of winter.

Persuaded of her domesticated nature, Chantal sets on an odyssey across the island in search of the right human to adopt her. Along come the rest of the cats left behind: Tonto, her brother/hopeless bodyguard, Tomcat Khrushchev, lady Lele, old castrato Pericles and non-stop-purring Purr-Purr.

Surviving through the wilderness will turn into a coming of age journey for Chantal. Thus when she finally meets the one, she will need to question her true nature one last time before surrendering to domesticated life.

Project overview

The project was presented in Animasyros 2020 pitching Lab, in Kids Kino Industry 2021 and participated in Cinekid Script Lab 2022.

Format: feature animation film | Target audience: children (8 – 12), family | Genres: Road-movie, adventure, coming of age, comedy | Language: English | Story based on the novel “Efta psihes sto stoma” by Zacharias Mavroeidis, published in Greece by POLARIS editions, 2014 *Adaptation legal rights cleared

Producer: Maria Kontogianni | Contact:

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