Mavroeidis Zacharias

I was born in the northern suburbs of Athens at a time when herds of sheep still crossed the neighborhood. I graduated from a Music High School and a faculty of Architecture but ended up in film-making.

I participated in both the Berlinale (2007) and the Sarajevo (2008) Talent Campus. I have directed various shorts and videos and worked as a scriptwriter for film and TV. On 2010 I completed my first feature film “The guide” (“O xenagos”). The film was released in theaters in Greece and has played in over 20 International Film Festivals.

On June 2014 my first novel titled “Efta psihes sto stoma” by Polaris Editions was published in Greece.

On 2018 I compelted my first documentary titled “Across her body” which premiered in the Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival. My second fiction feature, Defunct, is just completed.

For more info on my current projects click on Works in progress. If you want to get in contact mail me at


Selected filmography:

The extended version on my IMDB profile.

One thought on “ me, myself and I ”

  1. jiassou Zacharias, i am half greek half german from pellopnnes living in berlin, i write u in english, its easier for me then in greek. i missed your film! i would love to see this dukumentation, very very much. i just looked, if i can buy it at vimeo, but its not there. can u write me if its possible to see it somewhere? will u maby put it in vimeo? polla therma cheretismata apo tin Nana

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