The summer with Carmen


While having a day-long swim at Athens’ queer beach Limanakia, best friends Demosthenes and Nikitas recall the events of a recent summer in the prospect of turning them into a screenplay for Nikitas’ feature debut. Imagining their lives as a film, brings the two face to face with the pending conflicts in their colorfull friendship.

Project overview

Genre: comedy, queer, bromance | Directed by Zacharias Mavroeidis | Screenplay: Zacharias Mavroeidis & Fondas Chalatsis | Produced by: Ioanna Bolomiti, Argonauts Productions | Staring: Yorgos Tsiantoulas, Andreas Lampropoulos, Nikolas Mihas, Roubini Vassilakopoulou, Vasilis Tsigristaris

Status: in post-production | IMDB profile

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