The summer with Carmen


A MAMMA MIA meets CAGE AUX FOLLES meets BEETHOVEN kind of film. But low budget.


It’s been two years since 25-year-old actor-in-career-crisis Nikitas decided to jump to film direction aspiring to become Greece’s Xavier Dolan. Ever since he has been working on his autobiographical teenage drama “Homo” with the help of his best friend, 35-year-old Demos. After receiving a bold rejection from an ambitious producer, the two friends decide to propose a new idea: the summer with Carmen.

While having a day-long swim, Demos and Nikitas examine the events of the summer as possible script material: Demos broke up with Panos, his vacations with Nikitas were cancelled due to a health emergency of Demos’ father, Panos got a dog – Carmen, Demos’ unconscious efforts to reunite with Panos concluded with him taking Carmen, meanwhile the two friends embarked on the “Homo” project. 

Imagining their lives as a film, brings Nikitas and Demos face to face with the pending conflicts in their common narrative arc.

Project overview

Genre: comedy, queer | Status: in development | Produced by: Ioanna Bolomiti | Director – Scriptwriter: Zacharias Mavroeidis | Associate Producer: Dimitris Tsakaleas

The project will be participating in the 2020 online edition of the Crossroads Co-production Market of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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