It was one of these L.T.L.R.

The naked male human was sunbathing on the nudist beach. The female dog walked directly to him and licked his chest for a little while. Her owner, a woman on her late 30’s, stand some thirty meters away. She was giving the dog her afternoon walk along the beach. She felt she didn’t have to call her away from the male stranger she was licking. Instead she walked away. A bit after, the dog run after her.

A few meters away, a flamboyant German teenager was sunbathing nude. His hair was dyed bright yellow. Next to him lied his mom also nude – she was one of these hippies that invaded Greece back in the 70’s…

The same night:

It was full moon and there were lots of people on the beach-bar. The loudspeakers played something like modern reggae that mingled with Greek traditional music coming from the next bar – it was one of these islands…

On the other end of the bar, the German boy and his mother were ordering a new round in adequate Greek: “Ena akomi raki parakalo”.

The dog and her owner were seating on a table right by the bar. There was also another woman with them, in her late 40’s, short hair dyed bright red, dressed in a post-hippy style. One could easily think the two women were a couple but after a closer look you could see they were actually close friends. Probably long time single girlfriends.

The red-haired didn’t interact much with the dog. It was her friend who ran after her every couple of minutes. The dog didn’t really follow her orders. She would go close to any table with food and every time the owner would have to cross the bar to fetch the dog back, dragging her by her collar while eloquently explaining to her in what way she had misbehaved. The raid-haired would usually add something at the end of the monologue. Something like: “You dog…”

It seemed like a lack of interest in the dog. At the same time, she would have every right to accuse her friend for lack of interest in her. She spent much more time running after her pet than talk with her. However, she looked more indifferent than pissed off by the fact. After all, they were on vacations.

The Germans were now performing synchronized smoking.

This time the dog went too far. It barked aggressively to a passenger. Her owner went to fetch her once again. As she dragged her back she told her off in a bold tone. All the people at the bar turned towards them. Half way back to the table she loosened her grab, letting the dog continue alone towards their seat. The dog actually run right to the feet of the raid-haired who welcomed her with a faint petting on the head. The dog curled under her feet. It was obvious she acknowledged her equally as her owner. Or, better say, her parent. Apparently the two women raised the dog together. They were a couple after all. It was one of these long term lesbian relationships… Most probably a successful one.

The man from the beach ordered meat balls. The dog run to him and licked his feet in hope of a treat. A bit after the German boy made his first move on him.

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