They had been together for over ten years, now both about to turn forty. Having no children didn’t seem to be an issue.

A few years ago they moved to the suburb, in a small basement apartment. It’s important to note that no metro station was in near distance to the house. Neither was any monument or other point of any particular importance.

Lately they had been short in money so they put their house in airbnb. Their chances in subletting it were quite small – a basement flat badly located in the suburbs of the huge city. It did however have a cute small garden. Surprisingly, it wasn’t long before they had their first request. It was a middle-aged couple coming from abroad for a couple of days.

It turned out that the couple was traveling for a very particular reason. They wanted to do artificial insemination. Apparently, the biggest artificial insemination clinic of the city was located just a few blocks away from their house. The clinic had a good reputation and charged way less than the clinics abroad. It was worth the money and time for the foreign couple to travel all the way to the city to try their chances of having a baby.

This was but the first couple. Soon came a second one and so on. Past a few months some couples returned for a second try, staying again at their comfortable flat. Word spread abroad to other couples arranging to come to the city for the same purpose and after a while reservation requests arrived directly to their email. It turned out to be a considerable profit to their budget.

Every time a couple arrived they would need to leave the house. They’d either spend the days in his parents’ house or in their new investment: a French sailing boat.

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