Before dying

The doctor said he didn’t have much time left. He quit his job and decided to spend all his savings before he died.

He went to the opera, he bought a present for the neighbor’s children and had dinner in a fancy restaurant.

On his next visit the doctor was clear. He only had a few days left.

He went on a small boat trip along the coast, he bought himself a new watch and had a new haircut.

On his next visit the doctor said he only had one more day to live.

He bought a bottle of the best wine, he spent a night in the city’s most expensive suite and gave what was left of his savings to a street beggar.

And then came his final day. But, much to his surprise, he did not die. Then past another day and another and nothing changed. He was still alive. So he decided to call the doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor refused to see him. He wouldn’t have any money to pay for the visit.

Past a few days, he died out of hunger.

Published by zmavroeidis

Athens based filmmaker and writer

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