Birthday party

It was one of these parties of a friend of a friend, where you basically know only but one person. From the very first moment we entered the party we noticed something weird. It was difficult to point a finger at it. It was something about the crowd. It was a mix of people that could be roughly divided in two groups:

group a: 30+-40-, a bit conservative

group b: 25 – 30, a bit hipster

The two crowds occupied different areas of the party space. They didn’t really mix, at least at first. And, a striking detail, there was a pole in the middle of the space. Soon, a girl belonging to group a started dancing. She was actually a professional, judging from her skills. She also had the pole dancer over-sexual attitude. She danced a bit and then made out with her girl. And then danced a bit more and then back to her girl.

Well, soon we found out the key to the mystery. It was not one birthday party but two. It did look like a social clash.

We didn’t stay long. But before leaving we played a bit with the pole.

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